The Twist ‘n Write as a training pencil

The Twist ‘n Write as a training pencil

Several of my students were given twist ‘n write pencils at the beginning of the school year to help correct an immature digital brace grasp.  A digital brace grasp looks like this:

A twist ‘n write is the best choice to correct this type of grasp, if used properly, as the child really has ‘no other place to go” with this pencil in terms of finger position:

By now though, my students can all maintain a mature dynamic tripod grasp WITHOUT a twist ‘n write pencil, even the ones with the most severe digital brace grasps I had ever seen.  Some of them are doing this with a stetro style pencil gripper to help maintain the mature dynamic tripod grasp, while some are simply using a regular pencil without any gripper at all.  My friend Jasmine who has a severe instability of her thumb joint tried a grotto gripper for a while which sort of helped, but new she is on a stetro gripper.  Jasmine also uses as soft thumb splint (we’re talkin’ hot pink polypropylene) for additional joint stability.

To achieve this kind of change, the child needs to use the twist ‘n write all the time so that a new motor plan can take shape when writing.  This usually takes 1-4 months.  I always leave 2-3 pencils with the teacher for spares/backups and one to go home with the student and I make sure i keep the teacher well stocked.  The wonderful teachers I work with all support this growth!

Three cheers to the makers of the twist ‘n write for this wonderful pencil.  It has had such a positive impact on the lives of so many children I work with.